Session Work

Pawnshop Chronicles – UK Film Trailer . A Lionsgate Film directed by Wayne Kramer. Starring Elijah Wood, Paul Walker, Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, Vincent D’Onofrio, Norman Reedus, and Chi McBride.


Long Lost Son’s Debut self titled album


Drew and Bob’s debut album Throw It On The Fire


Contemporary Performances

2001 A Space Odyssey – Live (Re-Score). This piece was my final performance for my Music degree at Falmouth University. I used a hybrid acoutic/electronic drum kit and used a sampler, midi controller and a second electronic kit to trigger and manipulate samples live.


Raga Bhairav is an original composition written and performed live by Drew Taylor Moore, Joe Donohoe and myself at Falmouth University 2013.


Outspoken Kettle – This performance was a collaboration with composer Jake Stevens we set out to explore different sounds that can be attained from cymbals. The instruments we used were Timpani, 5 different cymbals, a Boss RC-30 Loop Station a Schoeps condenser mic, Roland SPD-S, oh and a broken chair!

Live Performances

Easy To See by Moe Foe. In this video I used a hybrid drum kit which used acoustic and electronic drums and triggers. I used Native Instruments Battery to trigger the samples.


Shut You Out by OP21. OP21 are a live electronic dance band I play in. I use a full electronic drum kit and sampler.


Preachin Country are a Country band I play in. This is a performance from Dec 2014