The syllabus I teach is a hybrid of my favourite and most effective lessons and exercises I have learnt over my 21 years of playing the drums. My aim is for my students to become well rounded drummers with experience of playing all styles and to have a good, effective technique.

I strongly believe that drum lessons aren’t solely about rudiments and technique; it’s also about having fun, that’s why you “play” an instrument!

If students would like to gain their drum grades I teach: Trinity and Rockschool syllabus up to Grade 8

I reference the following widely used books and DVD’s;

Jo Jo Mayer – Secret Weapons for the modern drummer

Benny Grebb – The Language of drumming

Tommy Igoe – Great Hands for a Lifetime

Brains Lessons – Brian Mantia

George Lawrence Stone – Stick Control

Jim Chapin – Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer

Mike Adamo – The Breakbeat Bible

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