At Tricks With Sticks I offer drum lessons with a difference. With my electronic drum school setup I can teach up to 5 students at the same time. All the students have a drum kit each with a pair of headphones and microphone. With the help of a very clever mixer called a JamHub students can hear themselves and myself but not each other.

If you’re interested in bringing the group lessons to your school or college then please get in contact.

Group Lessons

Benefits Of Group Tuition

Positive Peer Pressure – Students directly and indirectly encourage each other and classroom effort is boosted by the success of their peers. Students will also be motivated to put in more practise at home so they feel they can contribute in the next lesson.

Peer to peer learning – Students learn by watching how others are playing. Lesson knowledge is reinforced by one student explaining a concept to another student.

A Social Event – Music is about playing with and in front of other people. Group lessons are more fun than one-to-one lessons because of the social interaction and it can help students to gain confidence.

Ensemble Skills – With group lessons students can learn an ensemble piece which they can all play together.

Performance Skills – Students learn how to play in front of an audience from the start of their musical lives.

Extra Curricular Musical Opportunities – Students may also have the opportunity to be involved in specially formed performance groups.  These are purely for fun to give students the experience of performing at events and to encourage them in their new hobby!

More Affordable – Group teaching is more affordable for students because lesson costs are split between the group. This makes music lessons accessible to a wider range of people.